Corporate Profile


Head office & Plant 10-1 Kumonjyo Saiwai-cho Toyota-city Aichi prefecture
Site area 12,935m²
Building area 10,127m²
Establishment August 1976
Capital ¥42.5million
Annual Sales ¥7billion
Employees 193
Main Customers TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD
Industry type Manufacturing automobile parts


August 1976 Company established at Kamigo-cho Toyota-city.
January 1977 Started shift lever part process and shift lever assembly with
June 1979 Head office moved to the present location of Saiwai-cho Toyota-city.
August 1984 Awarded the P.M. Distinguished Plant Prize for outstanding plant maintenance.
February 2001 Received ISO9001 certification.
December 2007 Built the first new plant.
July 2008 Built the secondary new plant.
December 2008 Built the new office building.
September 2012 AGV(Automatic Guided Vehicle)developed by our company is on the market.
August 2013 Established Shinsei koki Thailand (SKT) CO., LTD.
March 2014 Established Nagano plant at Iida-city Nagano prefecture.


Shinsei-koki Environmental Action Plan

Development day:February 28, 2014
Shinsei koki CO., LTD

Fundamental Principle

We have been engaged in producing high-quality efficient products as a specializing in automobile shift lever produced company with trust in society. We will continuously attempt to meet variety needs for customer satisfaction. In addition, we are reducing the environmental burden being eco-friendly company. We continue to make environmental efforts as environmental issue is never ending challenge for us.

Fundamental Policy
  1. We continue being an eco-factory to promote CO2 reduction to prevent global warming.
  2. We reduce industrial waste from production lines.
  3. We comply with laws to prevent pollution.
  4. We continue to increase environmental efforts by forming environmental committee, act responsibly toward customers and local communities.
Environmental Aim

We attempt to reduce 1% of CO 2 emission compare to previous year.

Environmental Implemented Plan
  • We boost environmental efforts such as resource saving and recycling.
  • We save energy mainly an electricity field.
  • We introduce newly efficient facilities and promote existent facilities to satisfy general ecology standards.
  • We educate employees so as to be an eco-friendly company.

Executive Management

President Masashi Matsushita
Executive Director Hiroo Onoda
Director Masahiro Kimura
Director Tadayoshi Oba
Director Mamoru Nakanishi
Corporate Auditor Naohiko Inoue (The Corporate Officers of TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD)
Corporate Auditor Minoru Hirone